Monday, 23 June 2014

Mariano Di Vaio's First Jewellery Collection

Hi everyone,
Increasingly, brands are devoting attention to exclusive lines for men. From make-up, hair products, facial products, and things that were once exclusive to women before, now are available for the guys also. 
I've been following the handsome italian blogger Mariano Di Vaio for quite a long time. First I fall in love with his hair, then his style, then his smile, I totally love Mariano and can't get enough of him.
The super style blogger and international model  have his own clothing line, and swimwear line; recently launched his first line of jewellery. A complete line includes rings, bracelets, necklaces and chains in 925 sterling silver and precious stones. The entire collection was produced in Italy and designed by Mariano, combining avant-garde and tradition through a youthful style and at the same time a strong impact.
I have to say: I absolutely LOVE the entire collection, the only shame is that it's quite pricey. And as usuall my eyes always goes to the most expensive itens, then I see the price. But I def fancying some gorgeous pieces, I will let you guys know if I get any :)
The stunning campaign was shot by Yuma Giuseppe Migliaccio.
The collection is available at


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