Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013- Get the Hairstyle

Yesterday the Annual Victoria Secret Fashion Show was finally on tv. As we are watching these perfect looking women strut their stuff, And not only is there body’s in tip top shape, their hair is to die for! Loose wavy hair is something that a girl could only dream of having! Well I’m gonna to tell you, stop dreaming about the perfect hair, and make that dream come true! Here are the best tips and tricks to achieving flawless model worthy hair.

The Volume
The most important trick to achieve Victoria Secret hair is volume! Here are a few ways to get that sexy boost.
  • Use a good product with root lifting ingredients, anything to help with the volume
  • DO NOTuse conditioner on your roots when you wash before start the styling!
  • Use a round brush when blow drying
  • Like most VS models, use curlers while your hair it still hot, and let them sit until your makeup is finished
  • To really get the volume going, tease your hair!
Loose Wavy Curls
You will need a 2-inch barrel to get this bombshell look. Section your hair, and start by curling closer to the root. Slowly curl your hair releasing towards the bottom. Repeat these simple steps until you hair is completely finished. Give it a nice tease, and your Candice's hair will look fabulous! Btw Candice was this year's Angel chosen to wear the Fantasy Bra- >> stunning :))))

Messy Curls
Its always better to start with clean hair! Blow- dry your hair (just like the instructions above) to really get great volume. Section your hair in 3 parts, and using a 1-½ inch barrel curl you hair away from your face. After each section is completely finished, use rollers and pin. Repeat the same steps for each section. Once you hair is curled and in rollers completely, let it set for about 20-25 minutes. Next take the rollers out and use your fingers to give it that messy look, just like the brazilian angel Alessandra Ambrosio!

I honestly think after Gisele left, the VS Fashion Show lost a lot of the big impact as it had before. And this year's stage?? very poor. The singers perfomances?? Very average. Anyway, Watch below the FullVictoria Secret Fashion Show 2013 and let me hear your thoughts. :))


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