Tuesday, 23 July 2013

RE9 Advanced Face Care by Arbonne- Review

Hi my beautiful people.
First of all, Im really sorry for being so away from my blog, its been a very busy year for me, holidays in Brasil, my mum's visit in London, trip to Ibiza, Scotland, work, work, work. But sooo happy to see that you guys keep coming to my blog, and keep in touch with me. :))))))
Its been very warm in London for a couple of weeks, finally Summer is here; But with the hot temperatures, we need to look after our hair and skin even more.
Hot days are beautiful and make people smile, specially if you live in a country like UK, which its very rare. But we cannot forget to look after our skin properly. With the heat, our skin gets sweat and you can have your pores closed and may produce acnes.Which is not great. The ideal is to wash your face daily with a facial scrub; a face moisturize ( for your type of skin) and a sunblock.

Today I gonna give you a tip of 2 AMAZING products that I've been using and just LOVE IT. They are from a RE9 Men Line  by Arbonne.

First is the RE9 Exfoliating Wash 118ml by Arbonne.
I tried this,and I love it, its a facial scrub. The granule scrubbies are a little rougher than those in the woman's scrub. It didnt scrub hard, has an amazing smell, you feel your skin so fresh and clean after use it. Its strong, yet sensitive formula removes dirt and dead skin cells quickly and efficiently,
Can be used daily and did not fade my lovely tan. Aproved.

The second product is the RE9 Advanced Restorative Day Creme SPF20 37ml by Arbonne.
High concentrations of advanced moisture-enchancing ingredients support collagen, and protect and restore skin's youthful appearance. Lovely fragance and quickly absorbed. Dont make my skin feel grease or oily. Highly recomended. 

Have you tried any of these products? i would love to hear what are your thoughts.

You can purchase this products, here are the instructions
* Go to the Airbonne website(link here)
*Login with the ID:441047248 ( clients are not required to enter a PIN)

See you guys :)

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